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What are your current special offers on memberships?
One special offer is the chance to use the club on a trial period with no obligation to buy. We will grant you 10 consecutive days to use the club, take group
exercise classes, even try out a training session. Additionally, if you are able to prepay a 1 year membership you will qualify for significant savings.

How much does a membership cost?
Our membership rates vary based on the type of membership and duration of gym use. Please visit our membership page to get more information or email [email protected].

Can I cancel my agreement?
Based on the type of membership you are on we do offer options for cancellation. All membership cancellations require a minimum 30 days written notice (email’s fine) to cease charges. 1 year contracted memberships also require a $50 cancellation fee to terminate the account.

Can I add family members to my Upcountry Fitness membership?
Absolutely, we are happy to work with modifying membership agreements to account for additional members on the account. We have different rates for
individual, partner and family plans as well as Special short term “dependent add – on” rates for children and students.
Please call or email [email protected] for specific qualifications.

How much does it cost to add family members to my membership?
Add on rates will vary depending on current membership rates, also who is adding on. Please email [email protected] with your specific scenario and we will work together to find a rate that suits us all.

What are my payment options?
Membership dues may be paid for using cash*, check, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We have several automatic withdrawal options available as
well as “manual pay”.
* for an additional setup deposit of $50.

How do I purchase Personal Training with my membership?
Please see our Personal training page on how to choose a trainer. Once you have an idea of what/who you’d like to train with we will be able to guide you
toward a package that suits your specific needs and goals.

How much is Personal Training?
At Upcountry Fitness we offer different levels of training for varying rates. To train with one of our Staff trainers rates start at $70/hour. If you are interested in
working with a more specialized professional rates range from $80 – $120/hour based on experience and availability.

How long do I have to use my Personal Training sessions?
Generally we allow one year from purchase to complete your training sessions. If however you are unable to continue due to injury or illness we are willing to discuss a plan to return to wellness and continue your sessions as you are able.

I believe my employer has a special program with Upcountry Fitness.
If you believe you are eligible for our “Corporate” membership options please email [email protected] for setup information. Proof of employment may be required at time of setup.

Do you offer babysitting services for children?
We do offer childcare services at our club. The Keiki Fit Zone is a fitness-based child care facility specifically designed to help your kids get a workout while you do too. For details on rates and hours of availability please visit their page or call 808-575-9663 for more information.