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Here you are encouraged to have a blast working out, socialize with like-minded people, and be supported while making your good health a top priority.
We also offer exclusive access to our very own Fuzion Fit group exercise classes and Power Plate training. At Upcountry Fitness we offer different levels of commitment to help a club membership fit into every lifestyle. We believe once you discover the ways a gym membership can improve your life, you won’t want to stay away.
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What a Membership at Upcountry Fitness Includes

All group exercise classes
Sweat towel service
Locker facilities w/ showers
Equipment Orientation or Fitness Assessment
Power Plate Orientation
Nutritional/Supplement Consultation
Kettlebell, Kickboxing and Pilates Intro

Upgrades available for an additional fee

Unlimited Power Plate use
Power Plate semi-private training
Quantum Laser Treatments
Bemer 3000 Electromagnetic therapy
Deep Relief Therapeutic Bodywork
Personal Fitness Training

Membership Options

Contract Memberships

1 year contract

One-year agreement.
Cancel anytime with a 30-day written notice and cancellation fee.
Setup fee and first month dues collected
at time of enrollment.


Cancel anytime with a 30-day written notice.
This membership offers flexibility and can be
a short or a long term membership.
Setup fee, first month and last month dues collected at time of enrollment.


Prepay 12 months dues all at once.
This membership type offers maximum savings.


(rates are for 2 people on the same plan)

Family (any 2 adults + all children ages 12/17 years in the same household)

1 Year contract
Mo to Mo
Prepaid 1 year

$45/month, $25 setup
$50/month, $50 setup
$475/12 months

1 year contract
Mo to Mo
Prepaid 1 year

$75/month, $40 setup
$82/month, $80 setup
$790/12 months

1 year contract
Mo to Mo
Prepaid 1 year

$85/month, $48 setup
$93/month, $99 setup
$898/12 months

Prepaid Membership

Prepaid Kama’aina Short Term

Prepaid Visitors Short Term

1 Day
1 Week
2 Weeks
1 month
6 months
1 year

See below

1 Day
1 Week
2 Weeks
1 month
6 months
1 year

See below

Payment Options

1 year contractOur most popular plan.
After a one-year term, you may choose for
your membership to automatically become
a Month-to-Month Membership and/or you
may cancel anytime with a 30-day advance
written notice and cancellation fee of $50.
Month-to-monthPay as you go.
You may cancel anytime with a 30-day advance written notice.
Prepaid 1 yearPay in advance and save.
Prepay the whole year upfront and get 12
months of membership for the price of 10.
Non refundable/Non transferable.
Additional savings available for eligible individuals (Kaiser, Service Employees /Students, Business Memberships)

* Cash Manual Pay requires an additional $50 Security Deposit at account setup.

Cancellation Policy
Account cancellation requires 30 –day written notice (email is sufficient) and may require a cancellation fee depending on contract agreement. Account must be in good standing for cancellation to go through .

How “Freezes” work
Membership holds are allowed under special circumstances and on eligible membership plans. Members on a 1 year contract will be allowed minimum
2 weeks/maximum 6 months of “freeze” time for off island travel or health related issues/injuries without change to rates or terminated membership eligibility. We require you submit a request prior to your time away and continue all contracted payments (time owed will be added to the end of your membership terms).

Changes/Add On’s
Adding a member to your account may require an additional setup fee and a change to your membership dues. Dropping a member from your account
requires a 30 – day written notice and may also alter membership dues. Please stop by or contact us with your specific situation.